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There are few attorneys in the greater Bay Area with as much experience and success in handling serious felony cases. Kimberly Kupferer has handled thousands of 3 Strikes and other serious felony cases in her career. Not only has Kupferer handled numerous serious felony cases, but she has done so successfully. Ms. Kupferer believes that having a good, experienced, hard-working and not overburdened attorney can and does make a big difference in what happens in your case. As a solo practitioner with a wide scope of trial experience Kupferer is able to give each of her cases the time and effort that it takes to get good results.


Kimberly Kupferer is known around the state as an expert attorney in handling cases involving allegations of sexual assault. Kupferer has successfully handled thousands of sexual assault cases in her career ranging from allegations of all types of unlawful sex, including but not limited to: rape, sodomy, oral copulation, penetration with a foreign object, date rape, kidnap for purpose of sex, child molestation and unlawful sex with a girl under the age of 18 (statutory rape). There are few attorneys who have handled the number of sexual assault cases Kupferer has and who have experienced the successes that she has in defending her clients at trial. Kupferer has extensive experience in handling both adult and juvenile sex cases.

Ms. Kupferer has handled a large number of sexual assault cases. The law in the area of sexual assault type cases is constantly changing and the consequences of a conviction are more severe than ever. It is therefore critical to have an attorney experienced specifically in the area of sexual assault. A conviction even of a misdemeanor sexual battery can now mean registering as a sex offender for life. Ms. Kupferer has a detailed knowledge of handling serious sexual offenses and is therefore in the unique position of knowing exactly how to prepare and also to advise clients charged with these type cases.

In 2007, Ms. Kupferer represented a man charged with 59 counts of felony child molest and sexual assault. At trial, she was able to get 30 counts dismissed. After a hung jury at the trial, Ms. Kupferer was able to negotiate a very favorable disposition for her client in 2008.

In 2004, Kupferer represented a man accused of numerous acts of unlawful sex with his then girlfriend. The client, who was facing 445 years to life in prison was also charged with a prior conviction for rape from 20 years before. After 7 weeks in trial, Kupferer's client was found NOT GUILTY on all 25 counts alleging unlawful sex and assault.

In 2004, Kupferer also represented a college student who was accused of raping an acquaintance who was another college student. In that case, Kupferer was able to convince the prosecution to dismiss the case at the preliminary hearing. (See Recent Case Victories for more).


Kimberly Kupferer has personally handled over 80 murder cases in her career. While working as an Alameda County Public Defender, Ms. Kupferer was assigned to the prestigious Murder Team in that office. Kupferer stayed on the Murder Team for over 6 years representing only clients charged with murder, including death penalty and other extremely serious cases.

Kupferer has spent the past 26 years training other lawyers how to handle murder and death penalty cases while lecturing for the California Public Defenders Association, The California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, The Death Penalty Seminar, The State Bar of California, local bar associations and local public defender offices. Kupferer has experience and success in handling both adult and juvenile cases.


Ms. Kupferer has a long history of experience handling juvenile cases. While working as an Alameda County Public Defender, Kupferer supervised the Juvenile East County Division. In addition to handling every type of juvenile case, while acting as a supervisor, Kupferer was able to successfully challenge probation department policies related to failure to release minors from custody after being ordered released on electronic monitoring, failure to provide appropriate schooling and services to minors with IEP's (Individual Education Plans) in special education and was able to enjoin school districts to the criminal proceedings where they were not providing services to children as required by law.

Kupferer has also successfully handled numerous 707(b) cases where the prosecution has attempted to try her minor clients successfully as adults.


Ms. Kupferer has handled every type of misdemeanor offense ranging from driving under the influence of alcohol to domestic disputes to drug-or gun-related cases.


Ms. Kupferer has handled thousands of drug cases in her career ranging from complex drug labs to simple possession. She is an expert in the field of search and seizure and can therefore challenge illegal search and arrest. She has also been able to negotiate drug treatment programs in even serious cases for clients who are interested in receiving that type of help.


Many times the District Attorney will file a probation violation against a person instead of filing a new case. This often happens when the case is weak or there are proof problems. This occurs because the burden of proof is much lower for a probation violation and the case is heard by a judge not a jury. Ms. Kupferer has vast experience in successfully handling every type of probation violation on the felony and misdemeanor levels.


Ms. Kupferer started her career in criminal defense as a clerk for the Federal Public Defender in San Jose. Kupferer took on the United States Attorney in a death penalty case wherein they refused to turn over over 4,000 pages of discovery related to her client and his criminal prosecution. After multiple federal civil lawsuits, Kupferer was successful in forcing the government to provide the discovery in the case of Samuel Johnson vs. Janet Reno, et. al.


The Department of Motor Vehicles normally takes action such as suspending or revoking a driving privilege once as person has been arrested for a drunk driving or is accused of being a negligent operator. The DMV action is completely separate from the criminal case that is filed based on the same conduct. In order to successfully maintain your privilege to drive, you must prevail at both a DMV Administrative Per Se Hearing and in the criminal court. Ms. Kupferer is experienced in handling all aspects of the Department of Motor Vehicles hearings to assure that your rights are protected.


If you are convicted of certain crimes and are a licensed professional, that professional agency may attempt to suspend or revoke your privilege to practice your profession based on your criminal conviction. Ms. Kupferer is aware of the crossover that may occur with criminal cases and State Licensing Boards and is experienced in dealing with those agencies and handling Administrative Hearings related to the right to continue to practice your profession.


Ms. Kupferer handles select wrongful death cases. She is most inclined to accept cases with a criminal crossover such as wrongful deaths occurring while a person is in custody or at the hands of police or other law enforcement agencies.

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