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The Law Offices of Kimberly Kupferer is a criminal defense firm dedicated to providing each client and case with aggressive and personalized representation. Kimberly Kupferer is a solo practitioner with over 26 years of criminal defense experience who has been touted as one of the most successful attorneys in the entire Bay Area. Kupferer, while handling all types of criminal cases, has specialized in handling serious cases such as sexual assault, homicide and 3 Strikes cases throughout her career. Top AV rated by legal expert Martindale-Hubbell, Kupferer handles all cases herself rather than having younger, less experienced associates appearing for clients. Kupferer is extremely dedicated to her work and clients - she believes that having a committed, dedicated and not overworked attorney makes a huge difference in the ultimate outcome of a criminal case. It is for this reason that Kupferer carries a small caseload of select clients.

Law Offices of Kimberly Kupferer
The Towers
1900 Powell Street, Suite 600
Emeryville, CA 94608
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